The Truman Show

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the truman show

The Truman show: Is life a Truman show?

By saying that life is a Truman show, I’m saying that life is perfectly planned, with a structure and a fixed destiny…it may even be a lie. The Truman show is a movie in which the main character is the protagonist of a show without knowing anything. Truman is being filmed twenty four hours a day, but he doesn’t know it. Everyone he knows, are actors and are with him only because they are paid for doing so. This surely seems very different to our lives; it’s just fiction. But it may be very similar in several aspects if we analyze it little bit.
We may seem free to decide, to choose who do we meet, and to do several things, but there is always someone that can prevent us from achieving something that is not convenient for him. Although this may seem to be a truly paranoid ideal, there are several “important” people which have a lot of power and can control our lives as they want to. By this I am not saying that they are planning every ones life, but they can surely manage to take a population to where ever they want, and they do not care if people suffer, or if people die, as long as they can earn mone

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