The Truth is Out There do we Wish to Know Essay

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The Truth is Out There do we Wish to Know

The Heart of Darkness

The search for truth and knowledge consumes us all at some point in our lives, but we
don’t always find what we are looking for in Truth. We wish it to be definitive,
but more than that, we search for it with the strong belief that we will find it and be
pleased, pleasantly enlightened, and will live better lives for it. In Heart of Darkness,
it is shown that this is seldom true.

Kurtz was destroyed by the truth he discovered about himself and the world he lived in.
He had known and believed a "white" truth about the world he knew. His white truth was
one of civilized, genteel ideas and actions. Living amongst the privileged few, the
artists, musicians, orators, and other cultured people, he knew nothing of the dark depths
of the human heart. When confronted with those horrible realities, he was forced to learn
the "black" truth about life and people. His mind couldn’t comprehend the truths he
had to accept; it was totally contradicting to what he knew, and so he crumbled, selling
his soul to sit among demons and devils. He was hollow inside, had no sense of moral or
social responsibility, and the black truth he discovered ate away and destroyed him. He
regressed to savage behaviors he had previously repressed and let the darkness fill the
cold void within him. Because he knew so much blackness, he was unable to live in society
again. He crossed over and relinquished all ties to the civilized world, for he had lived
the white truths to an extreme, so did he live the black truths.

Kurtz showed what happens when the white truths and lies of society are taken away. Kurtz
lived and found sustenance in that reality, when it vanished and was replaced by another,
darker world, he folded. In our society, we live by restraint. For Kurtz in Africa, all
the restraints were removed and he was allowed to have as much candy as he wished, even
before dinner. This proved to be too much for him, he went to an extreme and was
destroyed by the excesses he craved, the very excesses that drove him to the top of the
tribes and peoples he conquered. When the superficiality of society was erased, made null
and void, it had to be replaced with the brutality of the wild. Kurtz was unable to deal
with this, his mind had been devoted to society for too long. After quickly rising to the
top by using fear and adoration, he was destroyed by the excesses he attained.

Marlow sought truth, he was disgusted by the pieces of blackness he glimpsed through the
manager’s waste and senseless cruelty. He didn’t know white truth to the
extent Kurtz did, neither did he live the black truth. He merely observed, and what he
saw deeply disturbed him. He only saw the blackness fully in Kurtz, however, and only
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