The Victim In A New Light Essay

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The Victim In A New Light

Upon first reading Aurthur Miller's The Crucible, it would be easy to mistake Abigail
Williams for the key player. When the story is examined, the antagonist is clearly John
Proctor. Proctor was the soul inspiration for nearly every act following the dancing in
the woods and the second half of the play is very dependant on him.

Though John Proctor appears very simple in the beginning of the play, the reader soon
discovers there is much more motivating him. He is very confused and tormented by guilt
and suspicion. He seduced a young girl and later seemed oblivious to the cause of her
obsession with him. He manipulated everyone around him. Acting on his constant indecision
and half-hearted whims destroyed everything around him and many of the other characters in
the play. Although most of his influence occurred in the exposition, his misleading
corruption of Abigail, and then his sudden rejection of her, drove her to the extremes
expressed in The Crucible. The confused, love-struck Abigail was simply doing what she
felt was necessary to possess the object of her affections.

Without John Proctor, the second half of the play would be non-existent. The girls would
have tired of accusing witches and the plot would have died quickly. Abigail wouldn't have
had the dedication and passion in seeing Elizabeth accused. The trials would have never
become as intense and concrete.
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