The Vietnam War very good Essay

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The Vietnam War very good

The Vietnam War was a military struggle starting in 1959 and ending in 1975. It began as
an attempt by the Vietcong (Communist Guerrillas) to overthrow the Southern Vietnam
Government. This research paper will discuss the Vietnam War, US involvement in this war,
and significant battles.

Following the surrender of Japan to the Allies in August 1945, Vietminh guerrillas seized
the capital city of Hanoi and forced the abdication of Emperor Bao Dai. On September 2
they declared Vietnam to be independent and announced the creation of the Democratic
Republic of Vietnam, commonly called North Vietnam, with Ho Chi Minh as president. France
officially recognized the new state, but the subsequent inability of the Vietminh and
France to reach satisfactory political and economic agreements led to armed conflict
beginning in December 1946. “Northern Vietnam was determined to gain it’s freedom” (Davis
12). With French backing Bao Dai set up the state of Vietnam, commonly called South
Vietnam, on July 1, 1949, and established a new capital at Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City).
“Where as the Southern Vietnam government seemed content to be a sort of a colony” (Davis

The following year, the U.S. officially recognized the Saigon government, and to assist
it. President Harry S. Truman dispatched a military assistance advisory group to train
South Vietnam in the use of U.S. weapons.

In April 1961, a treaty of amity and economic relations was signed with South Vietnam, and
in December, President John F. Kennedy pledged to help South Vietnam maintain its
independence. Subsequently, U.S. economic and military assistance to the Diem government
increased significantly. In December 1961, the first U.S. troops, consisting of 400
uniformed army personnel, arrived in Saigon in order to operate two helicopter companies;
the U.S. proclaimed, however, that the troops were not combat units as such. A year later,
U.S. military strength in Vietnam stood at 11,200. By the end of 1965 American combat
strength was nearly 200,000.

In February 1965, U.S. planes began regular bombing raids over North Vietnam. A halt was
ordered in May in the hope of initiating peace talks, but when North Vietnam rejected all
negotiations, the bombings were resumed.

From February 1965 to the end of all-out U.S. involvement in 1973, South Vietnamese forces
mainly fought against the Vietcong guerrillas. While U.S. and allied troops fought the
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