The War on Crime Essay

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The War on Crime

JUST BEFORE DAWN on Oct. 30, 90 law-enforcement officers wearing black masks and fatigues
and armed with assault rifles stormed the Martin Luther King Jr./Marcus Garvey Cooperative
in the Western Addition. They used special "shock-lock" shotgun rounds to blow apartment
doors off their hinges and cleared people out of rooms by throwing "flash-bang grenades,"
which produce nonlethal explosions that terrify and disorient people.

At a Nov. 4 police commission meeting, a train of furious and sobbing residents from the
raided housing complex -- all of them African American -- described how officers slapped
them, stepped on their necks, and put guns to their heads while other officers ransacked
their homes. Weeping and terrified children, some as young as six, were handcuffed and
separated from their parents. Some urinated in their pajamas. (Police chief Fred Lau told
the San Francisco Chronicle that officers wanted to keep the kids from "running around.")

Residents of the complex say the raid was a violation of their civil rights. Scores of
people with no charges against them and no criminal records were put in disposable plastic
"flex-cuffs." Civil servants and grandmothers were held at gunpoint. One woman was
hospitalized after a fit of seizures; other people were so distraught they couldn't return
to work for days.

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