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the web

1. The theme is frost acquaintances with his soul, with his inner thoughts. Every one
should deal with his thoughts. This poem is a beautifully comforting poem. It talks about
being at peace with one's self and enjoying the tranquility that reflection into your own
mind and soul can bring. There is a certain solitude brought about by removing one's self
from the view of others but this solitude brings clarity, not depression. In order to
attain peace, one must at first accept being alone. Everyone is alone sometime in this
life. This state of being alone might at first seem sad, but in truth, can be quite
enjoyable. People need their own private space-their own personal night. The night holds
much beauty in it that must be discovered in order to enjoy it.

In the literal meaning of this poem, Frost is taking his nightly walk. He has done this
often and his walks have been far. He has nothing better to do and enjoys these nightly
walks or else he wouldn't go to such great lengths within these walks. He separates
himself from society rather than moving towards it. Frost is truly alone. This is
demonstrated in the line, "but not to call me back or say good-by." Yet, he accepts being
alone. He ended his walk with the light of day. At the end he testifies that he's "been
one acquainted with the night."

Being acquainted with the night is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, the title
implies that not only does the author know the night well but also that it's a friendly
relation. Frost uses the night as a time to enjoy his personal space. He does not want
his inner-self to be displayed to the world in the garish light of day. Rather, he
soothes and reflects on himself with these nightly walks. He sees the night as beautiful
because it values what he holds most dear-himself. Frost in solitude him and the beauty
and tranquility that the night (peace, being way from others, etc.) can bring.

The author enjoys being acquainted with the night. This is because this night brings to
for him to reflect upon his life. He delights in escaping into that night so that he can
rediscover himself. He can watch and ponder about life in general.

“ luminary clock “ - Refers to the sun. The dawn of the sun told him that his
actions within himself (those of the night) were acceptable. Now he must move on, at
least a little while, to expose himself within the sun (he most interact with others)
until he find the time (the night) to find solace within himself again. The author was
"one acquainted with the night," and in this night we find ourselves and bring about
tranquility-the inner peace so longed for by all.

2. Tiger is a passionate, fiery creature. It is a creature, a beast, which lives in the
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