The Wheels On The Bus

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The Wheels on the Bus

We sing, play, and jump around the basketball court. Bobby shoots the ball and scores! We sing “the wheels on the bus” with such a passion even the instructors sang along. The feeling of success overwhelmed both of us into a clinging hug. When I help out after school on Thursdays with the special needs outreach program I feel a connection with the kids there. A connection that a true friend feels. I feel as if I have help these kids grow emotionally and mentally through the year I have dedicated to them. The knot is tied I have done all I can do. Travis has learned to tie his first square knot. The emotional triumphs that we have struggled through to get him to Tenderfoot Class have paid off. My busy Tuesdays are not wasted on watching television but on a better cause: Boy Scouts.
I have been in scouting for seven years now and it has taught me to be a leader, to value the simpler things in life, and to teach others about them. When I joined scouting, I wanted to join because I heard about all of the community service that they do for my town and all of the fun campouts they do. On my first campout we went hiking in our local mountains to rebuild a rangers station that has been out of commission. When we were done with the rangers station, I had a feeling of accomplishment. This contribution to my community is still up and running today and it just goes to show what seven boys and some intuition can do. I want to be able to leave an impact on the town that I live in or the college I go to.
In the summer of 2004, I saw a flier on a bulletin board at school asking for volunteers to help with an after school program for the special needs kids. I jumped a

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