The Witness Essay

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The Witness

The dark sedan pulled quietly up outside a comfortable family home in Quarter Close. The
brick residence stood silent and dark in the early hours of the morning, looking much like
the rest of the houses in the Grove. However, inside this house lay the prosecution's sole
witness in the most important case in the history of the state. Without him, the trial
could not go to court. His life was in danger.Joel Granger stepped from of the car with
two colleagues and the three men made their way slowly and quietly to the boy's bedroom
window. Joel stood watch with his pistol at the ready. The FBI didn't normally do this
sort of thing, but in this case there was no other choice. His colleagues quickly snatched
the sleeping boy from his bed, covering his mouth, and threw him into the waiting car.
Joel stepped into the driver's seat and eased the car off down the road.The boy, Adam
Martins had witnessed what was turning out to be the most important case in the state's
history, and after the FBI had uncovered the Mafia link they were left with no choice but
to take Adam into safety. They presumed that the Mafia was watching every move made by
Adam and his family, and the FBI couldn't risk telling the boy's mother or any other
family members. Adam sat in the backseat, squeezed between two agents. He was confused,
still half asleep and luckily, very quiet.The dark car turned off the freeway and drove
carefully down what seemed an unused dirt track. They were taking Adam to an FBI
safehouse, to reduce th risk of being found. safe. As the car turned a corner and picked
up speed, the shot was fired. A gunshot rang out through the trees. Joel looked in the
back. The agent on the left side was leaning on Adam, and the other agent was frantically
trying to move the body. Joel had no idea what to do, but he knew that he couldn't take
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