Theme of Fallen Angels Essay

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Theme of "Fallen Angels"

Losing Innocence: "Fallen Angels" find the true meaning of war

"Fallen Angels", written by Walter Dean Myers, is a novel that tells about the story of
young boys going into battle during the Vietnam War. There are many themes in "Fallen
Angels" but the main theme is the loss of innocence. The title makes reference to these
themes. And the boys in the book have dreams of losing their virginity and drinking
alcohol for the first time. They are thrown into a harsh reality when they are shown the
trials of war. In the end, they understand that the movies that depict heroicness and
honor are just images of a false idea; that war is full of chaos and horror.

The title of "Fallen Angels" is the greatest indicator of the theme. All of the young
soldiers are "angels" in the sense that they are naive and innocent. This is explained in
chapter four when Myers calls these young boys "angel warriors". They have not seen the
terrible things that happen in war and therefore feel invincible to the danger they are to
encounter. The "fallen" in the title indicates the loss of innocence that makes them
"angels". Though losing innocence is something that every young person goes through, these
boys must grow up fast during war.

Richie, the narrator and protagonist, and the members of his squad fantasize of their
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