Themes in Escape from Warsaw Essay

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Themes in Escape from Warsaw

A widely used literary term that typically portrays a particular theme in a novel is the
symbol. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Ian Serrailier’s Escape from Warsaw. This
historical fiction is a great example of the use of literary terms in literature. One of the
main themes demonstrated is the theme of hope. He uses a silver sword to demonstrate
this in three ways. One is when Jan and Joseph talk in the house and Joseph tells Jan his
story. The next is when Jan leaves behind the sword on the mantle at the Wolff’s house.
The last is when Jan loses his treasure box but manages to keep the sword.

During World War II, many families were separated and few were reunited. These
stories were often too common. In this story, after Jospeph comes back to his house and
finds Jan there, he sees the opportunity to find his children in Warsaw. With the sword as
a guide, Jan set out to find the children, but the powers of the sword had yet come into

Sometimes when hope seems gone, the biggest revelations occur out of will.
Joseph had lost all hope through time in finding his children because of the low chance of
his plan working. He had taken every precaution to heighten his chances, but finding his
children in a city full of lost children was a lost cause. Jan had faith in the sword and was
convinced it would be their savior. The sword came through for everyone when Jan found
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