Themes of The Glass Menagerie Essay

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Themes of The Glass Menagerie

“The Glass Menagerie” is a play that contains intense human
feelings; frustration, shyness, regretfulness, anger, and sadness. The play
is set in the apartment of the Wingfield family. In this cramped, dinghy
place lives three characters; Amanda, Laura, and Tom, who are desperate
to make their dream come true.
Amanda is a shrew, she wants to live through her daughter, Laura.
Her dream is for her daughter to marry to a well-educated man and
support her throughout the rest of her life. Amanda always make
complaining remarks about her husband who had left her with Tom and
Laura. Amanda nags Tom for spending too much time watching movies
instead of working and finding a suitable for Laura. She likes to brag about
how many Gentleman callers came to her house to pursue her.
Tom is the narrator of the play. His dream is to be a poet and have
no responsibilities to his family. He works at a warehouse, which he
doesn’t appreciate because it avoids him to complete his dream. He
detests when his mother tell him what to do and how to do it, sometimes
he has to act without pity.
Laura is shy and has a low self-esteem. She is compared to her
glass collection, fragile in every sense. As an effect of a childhood illness,
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