There are certain images, sometimes so fleeting yo Essay

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There are certain images, sometimes so fleeting you are not even sure they were real, that
imprint themselves on your mind forever. Some resurface from my memory so vividly, they
are practically flashbacks.

I was walking home one morning after having breakfast in a little coffee shop in my
neighborhood, it was rather a stroll, the kind you take when your body is well nourished,
your mind clear and your spirits high. The morning itself was crispy-fresh and full of
promise, the air fragrant with the perfume of flowers from the well-kept gardens, there
was a light breeze that ruffled the crowns of the majestic trees lining the street and the
only sound that could be heard was that of birds singing, chirping and doing the cheerful
little things that birds do. And while my senses were delighting themselves in all of
these wonders, I saw him. It was all very sudden, like finding a hair in your soup, but
what I felt was not disgust, it was more like waking up from a sweet dream only to find
yourself sleeping on a bench in the park. As soon as I saw him, I knew he was going to
stay with me forever.

He was an old man, somewhere between seventy and eighty, I could not really tell since he
was walking in front of me and I was not able to see his face clearly. Nevertheless, even
looking at him from behind, a story began forming itself in my mind. Of course, everybody
has a story, more precisely a life story, but when it is not available to us, we create it
ourselves and it becomes real, even if only in a virtual sense. So, at great speed, a
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