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There are many experiences you have in your life that have a big impact. At the time of
these experiences some may be very important, but sometimes the least important will have
the biggest impact. In my life I have had a few experiences that have helped me be the
person I am today. I have came up with two experiences or that I feel have affected my
life: the day I meet Coach Painton and the day I decided to play college baseball.

My first experience that affected my life is when I meet Coach Painton. Coach Painton was
my high school baseball coach and position coach in football. He was the first person
push me as an athlete and as a student. His main concern in life was to enjoy it to the
fullest. I think that a lot of these traits wore off on me during my high school years.
Being around Coach Painton for four years help me get through a lot of down points in my
life. Any time I start feeling down I think of how much fun coach is having right know
and I should being doing the same.

The last experience that has influenced my life is the decision to play college baseball.
I feel that this decision affected my life because it made me want to go to school. When
I graduated high school I had know motivation to attend college and baseball gave me that
motivation. Baseball helps me make wise decisions so I don't get into trouble. Baseball
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