They Caged The Animals At Night Essay

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They Caged The Animals At Night

Subj: book report
Date: 11/29/00 8:27:48 pM Pacific Standard Time
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They Caged The Animals At Night
Written By: Jennings Michael Burch

Jennings is a child who lived in orphanages until a good friend named Sal came to his rescue. Here is his story.
Jennings mom took him to a orphanage called The Home Of The Angels. She told his she would
be right back, but she dosent come back not for a while that is.In the Home Of The Angels
Jennings is bet and teased. And yet he makes a friend named mark. He was sent to live with
the Carpenters where he is bet even more. Jennings mom keeps getting sick and Jennings
keeps going back to the orphanages. Jennings final ranaway to the zoo, but he was cought
and brought home. Then his mom got sick again and he was sent to an orphanage. Mark was at
the orphanage too. Mark died in a few days. Jennings ranaway to the zoo again when he
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