Thieves Essay

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There was nothing particularly special or interesting about the house (besides the fact
that it was two-hundred and fifty years old), but after many weeks of deliberating I
decided to go for it. It was a warm spring evening, and the moon was beginning to come
out. I made my way around the side of the house and all the way to the tree beneath the
window which would lead me in. Like a snake, a slithered my way up the tree. To my delight
I found the window wide open. I put one foot in and then the next, until I was completely
inside the bedroom.

I took out my flashlight and fumbled through the room; in fact, I was looking for the
light switch. I turned the light on and looked around the room. It looked like "The Bombay
Company" had come and decorated the place. To the left of the door right next to the
closet was a glass rack full of every perfume imaginable, and beneath that was a circular
table full of exported lotions. No wonder the room smelled so good; it was a shrine to
"Bath and Body Works". I first went to the closet. Behind the massive waves of clothing I
found countless boxes of shoes, but it wasn't what I was looking for.

I proceeded to search all the drawers, but all I found was hoards of makeup, nail polish,
and one whole drawer dedicated to shampoos. I thought to myself " What's wrong with this
girl? Why does she have so much of everything? What is she saving away all this stuff for,
in case the malls of America burn down?" I started jumping up and down on her bed in an
attempt to see what was on top of the bookshelf, but there was still no sight of what I
was looking for. I plopped down on her bed; it was very soft. I lay my head down on her
pillow and inhaled the sweet scent of "she". It was a mix of "

Pear-berry", "Pantene Pro V'", with a hint of "Angel".
"So this is where she sleeps every night!" I exclaimed.
I heard a noise outside and fell of the bed. I was relieved to find that it was only a
passing car; undoubtedly, I needed to work quick. I rolled over and to my disbelief there
it was! Between her mattress and the headboard was the one thing I have always wanted.

Since the moment we spoke for the first time it was the one thing on my mind, and now here
I was face to face with it! The answer to all my questions! I grabbed it and darted to the
window. I climbed back down the tree. I ran all the way to my car; it was close to the
house. I jumped into my car and peeled out. I couldn't wait to get home and read her

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