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THings Fall Aparty

There was a man who dreamed as a child of being well known and
respected throughout his village and neighboring villages. This man,
Okonko, worked hard at his goal, and he achieved it. Okonko, a man
with great strength and personality, had achieved his goal to become
rich and famous, a privilege that was unseen before in his family.
Although Okonko reached his goal at an early age, his life began to
Fall Apart when tragic episodes took place.
One can see that Okonko’s life first began to fall apart when
Ikemefuna, a captive who stayed at Okonko’s home, was killed. Okonko
had thought of Ikemefuna as one of his own sons. He was deeply
saddened when he was killed. One can see the effects on Okonko from
that event. First Okonko was unable to sleep for the following three
days. He also kept on getting drunk, and that was a sign that he was
depressed. This incident also had a long-term effect on Okonko. From
then on his family would look at him as if it were his fault that
Ikemefuna is dead. This episode can be seen as an event where Okonko
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