Time and Stress Mgmt Essay

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Time and Stress Mgmt

Literature Review

This paper draws literature that discusses stress and time management in relation to
leadership skills that subscribes to an embodied view of organisations.

In Forsyth (2003), time management is about working actively to create efficiency and
effectiveness in a way that makes achieving your target more likely. Good effective time
management is a core skill, a differentiating factor which allows you to have an edge over
other people (Williams & Cooper 2002). Time management is not optional; it is something
that everyone has to acquire in order to work effectively, to achieve work-life balance
and most importantly helping us to stay focus. Everyone practices time management to some
degree; the only question is how well they do it and how it affects what they do (Hawkins

Time; if properly managed increases productivity and brings about opportunities for
growth; On the flip side, if time is not handled properly, will bring about disadvantages
to both the physiological and psychological self (Leatz & Stolar, 1993). Time is a unique
resource as we cannot rent, hire, buy or otherwise obtain more time as once gone, it will
never come back (Drucker 2002). One of the most common afflictions of stress is due to
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