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The Titanic:

Triumph or Tragedy?

The sinking of the Titanic in 1914 became an international symbol to all. What that symbol
is depends on each individual person that accesses the situation. Greed, chivalry, folly,
bravery and progress are among the few symbols. Can someone who is over confident in the
work they did with their own hands be cursed or were the crew members of the Titanic,
weighing over forty-six tons, pure ignorant?

This nine-deck ship had all it needed to accommodate the three classes that paid good
money to sail from Southampton Whales to New York. Many luxuries included tennis courts, a
gymnasium, a swimming pool, Turkish and electric baths, a dark room for photographers,
kennels for first class dogs, elevators (an innovation for the period), private enclosed
promenades and nearly a dozen styles of staterooms (Charles Pellegrino). One unforgettable
artifact about the Titanic rested on the first class level, the Grand Staircase.

The Titanic, which was 882 feet in length was strong enough to carry just over 2,220
passengers, forty tons of potatoes, over 6,000 pounds of butter, two tons of coffee,
20,000 bottles of beer and stout, 15,000 bottles of mineral water and hundreds of stacks
of mail. The Titanic was legally commissioned to carry mail by the British Monarch and the
United States (Microsoft Encarta). With all this excess weight aboard, thoughts of the
“Unsinkable” ship going down never crossed anyone’s minds.

Little to there knowledge it wasn’t the weight of the ship they had to worry about.
It was traveling across the Atlantic Ocean in the dark with many icebergs. The builders of
the ship took extra precautions in securing the safety and welfare of its passengers. It
exceeded the legal requirement for safety boats, which were sixteen. The Titanic, carrying
twenty lifeboats, still didn’t have enough for all 2,227 passengers.

Lack of sufficient lifeboats could not prevent other difficulties that took place on the
ship. Two problems that happened was a smoldering fire broke out in one of the ships coal
bunkers and the breakdown of the Titanic’s wireless system (Discovery.com). Edward
J. Smith was the captain of the Titanic. Some might question his ability to command a
voyage after fining out how Smith disregarded many ice warnings.

On April 12,1914 just before 2 pm, the Captain and crew that helped control the ship,
received three ice warnings. The Captain ignored them. At 5:03 pm the got another warning
from ocean Liner America, it went unacknowledged. At 7:30 pm the crew intercepted an
iceberg alert from nearby Californian but the Captain never received it. Even if he had
would that warning go ignored like the pervious four? At 9:40 pm The Mesaba telegraphed an
ice warning to the Titanic but one of the crewmembers was preoccupied. By 11 pm the
telegraph from The Mesaba still hadn’t been delivered to the Captain (Pellegrino).

With the first three ice warnings being ignored, Captain Smith increased the speed of the
ship. He thought that by doing this he could bypass the icebergs. I see no logic in this.
At 11:40 pm an iceberg was spotted through a haze on the ocean. The alert went out and
Smith took action, finally. According to movies and history as we know it, the ship was
turning to the left. After realizing the ship was going to hit the iceberg 95 miles south
of The Grand Banks of Newfoundland just before midnight, documents and research prove that
the ship was turning right. The damage that was done does not add up. The ship scrapped
against the iceberg for ten seconds on the starboard side. The direction in which the
damage was done shows that the boat turned left at first then decided to make a quick
maneuver and turn back to the right.

At 12:45 am, as water was steadily sinking the Titanic, the lifeboats were lowered so
passengers could make it to safety. On the portside of the ship only women and children
were allowed on the lifeboats. When push came to shove or when money talked, who ever got
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