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title ix

Every Saturday, college campuses all across the nation are a buzz with activities. The
football team prepares for this week’s game. The girl’s soccer team and
volleyball teams play on Saturday and Sunday. The boy’s soccer team travels for an
away game. Colleges and universities everywhere depend on various sports as a way of
recruitment, entertainment, and physical activity for students. However, before 1972
women did not share the same opportunity to participate in intercollegiate sports. Up
until 1972 there were no rules governing sexism in intercollegiate sports. Then, when
President Nixon signed into law the Education Amendments Acts, part of the new law was
called Title IX. This part of the new law abolished sexism in intercollegiate sports.
Since its inception, Title IX has lead to giant steps in women’s sports.
Understanding what Title IX is will help to understand how Title IX has helped bring on
gains for all women.

The Education Amendments Act of 1972 was signed into law on June 23, 1972 by President
Richard Nixon (Wulf, 79). Part of this larger bill was an amendment called Title IX.
This part of the bill called for an end to sexual bias in institutions that receive
federal funds. Though Title IX did not have any specific correlation to intercollegiate
sports, on the playing field is where it has been used most. In 1975, the Department of
Health, Education, and Welfare extended Title IX’s boundaries to athletics, saying
recipients of federal funds must provide “equal athletic opportunity”(Guenin
35). Now extended to athletics, there are three major stipulations colleges must cover to
satisfy the Title IX laws.

These three stipulations are government set regulations. Congress never approved the
policy’s interpretation, but they are what stand as Title IX today. Schools must

one of the three following tests: “show proportionality in the number of male and
female athletes, show a history of expansion to accommodate the female gender, or show
that the interests and abilities of the female sex have been fully and effectively
met.”(Leo 11). As confusing as it may sound, put into regular words the Title IX
tests are quit simple. First, a school can have the same proportion of male and female
athletes to students. For example, if a school has 100 male students, and there are 10
male athletes, that equals 10% of the male student body. To pass the test, a school with
50 female students must have 5 female athletes to equal the 10% of male athletes. The
next two tests are self-explanatory, but the rulings are vague and hard to judge. For
this reason many schools attempt to meet the proportion test. With all the tests and
legal jargon, the bottom line with Title IX is that federal funded schools must have equal
opportunities for female athletes.

Since that June day back in 1972, women’s sports have grown by leaps and bounds. Now
legally forced to end sexual bias, colleges started to fall in line. Schools began to
increase the number of female teams they sponsor. Since 1972 the average number of female
athletic teams per school has risen from 5.6 to 7.5 teams per school (Wulf 80). This
increase in possible positions on athletic teams has lead to a greater number of possible
scholarships. Young females now must not stay in their room and study to receive a
college scholarship, but now can go out grab a ball and work on the game. With the huge
increase in possible spots for women in athletics of course the number female athletes
have risen. Back in 1972 there were just 31,000 women competing in intercollegiate
athletics. That number has grown to 120,000 today (Wulf,

79). Now with more opportunities for athletic scholarships, young girls are setting down
their dolls and picking up a ball.

Scientists have proven that the effects of being physically active can only help the body
and mind. The greatest effects of Title IX can be seen in younger females’
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