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:Tito・s Goodbye ;is basically a tragic story because Tito died in heart attack. He made
a lot of money, but he was not happy and the money was useless. Tito had a terrible
condition on health with many stresses in mind. Many people believed that he deserved to
die because he was very cruel to his family. He sent his own son to orphanage without
showing any care in their relationship. He disrespected his daughter・s wedding, which
she valued the wedding and it was very significant to her. In addition, he wanted to
separate with his wife. With all the relentless acts, he forced his family to abandon him.
To treasure and cherish what you possess is what I have learned from this story.

Tito is a very wealthy lawyer. He made a lot of heartless money from all the poor
immigrants from New York City. He believed that earning money is a pleasure, and as long
as he is making tons of money, then he is happy. He strongly believed that money could
produce happiness. He was paying too much attention on wealth and he ignored to take care
of the family. He thought his family would come back eventually if he had enough money to
persuade them, In fact that his wife only treated him as a money tree without paying any
love to him. Until his heart attack caused his death, he finally found what he really
wanted in his life, but it was too late to regret and there isn・t much time to make up to
his family.

Haydee, she was a very cold-blooded wife of Tito. She separated from Tito but she refused
to divorce with Tito. She treated her husband as a money tree. She was able to locate her
husband because she can smell Tito・s money three miles away from her apartment. She
managed to get more money to from him. I think Tito and Haydee are the same type of people
because the most important thing in their life was money. The difference between them was
they earn money in different ways. Although Tito complained about his wife, I believe that
his wife played a very important role in his life. She was one of the main reasons why he
wanted to earn more money, in order to satisfy her. He knew that this was the only way to
keep a relationship with her.

The plot of Tito・s goodbye begins with Tito・s heart attack. It is a cold winter
afternoon; Tito is alone in his office because he asks his secretary to leave early
because it snows outside. He can as well deduct secretary・s salary every week. Tito・s
whole life is making profit out of everyone. He makes a lot of money from forging
employment records, doctoring birth certificates, securing sponsors, thwarting
deportation, applying for political asylums and producing legitimate green cards.

His wife appears when his business is in success with his advertisement on television. His
wife is a very greedy woman who always asks her husband to give her more money to spare.
Although she does not love her husband any more, she still refused to divorce her rich
husband. The last moment of his life he begins to have a brief luxury of nostalgia. He
remembered the warmth of his mother・s cheek, Smelling faintly of milk, the sight of his
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