To Kill a Mocking Bird Newspaper Project Essay

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To Kill a Mocking Bird Newspaper Project

Today in Maycomb County, there was a trail against a local African American man named "Tom
Robinson." He was accused for raping and beating up a white girl named "Mayella." His
lawyer is "Atticus Finch" is facing off against "Mr. Gilmer" the district attorney. Judge
Taylor, appears to be sleeping through out the trial, yet pays attention and tends to chew
his cigar. The supposed crime occurred in Mayella's home, when Tom Robinson went to fix
something and then he raped her. Atticus calls up his first witness, "Bob Ewell." He asked
questions like "Would you ever beat your daughter?" and "Where you on the night of the
crime?" Bob Ewell answered that he never has beaten his daughter and was somewhere else at
the time of the crime. After that, he asked Bob to write his name, and Atticus noticed
that he wrote it with his left hand, and became somewhat suspicious. Next witness Atticus
calls up, is Tom Robinson. He asked him questions like "Did you do this to Mayella?" and
"Why did you help her out at all?" Tom responded that he did not commit the crime he was
being accused of and that he felt sorry for her, and that's why he decided to help her
out. Then Atticus asked if Tom could catch a cup with his left hand, and he said that he
couldn't because he was disabled in that arm, and then he noticed that the punch marks on
Mayella's face, were on the left and it wasn't likely that Tom could of punched her.
Meanwhile during the trial, Scout, Jem, and Dill were up in the second story of the
building sitting with reverend Sykes. Then Mr. Gilmer, the other lawyer called his witness
Mayella. He asked her what happened on the day of the crime. She told the court that she
simply asked Tom Robinson to come help her fix a desk and that after he did so, he forced
himself upon her against her will. Atticus spoke up and said that her story had differed
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