Compare and Constrast Essay on To Kill a Mockingbird1

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To Kill a Mockingbird1

To Kill a Mockingbird Throughout the novel, Scout encounters several learning experiences.
Scout encounters justice and injustice at the Tom Robinson trial. She watches what the
people of Maycomb consider justice, while she knows what is being served is injustice.
Scout understands that what is going on is not right. It will most likely teach her to be
more compassionate, since she sees what it is like to be treated unjustly. Scout witnesses
prejudice in the trial, also. If Tom Robinson had not been black, the trial would have
taken a completely different course. Tom would still have his life. The Ewells would be
recognized as who they really are, and would not get away with what they did to Tom. Scout
witnesses prejudice again when the town is mean to Dolphus Raymond for living around
people of a different race, and mean to Arthur Radley for having a different lifestyle.
She learns that it is not fair to treat someone badly because they are not exactly like
you. Witnessing the trial will help prevent Scout from persecuting people , as she sees
the unjustness of a man losing his life because of his race. Seeing the treatment of
Dolphus Raymond and Arthur Radley will teach her to accept people the way they are. Scout
experiences courage as she watches the way Atticus handles himself when he faces a lynch
mob with no weapons, Bob Ewell spits in his face and threatens him, and when his own
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