To Kill A Mockingbird2 Book Report

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To Kill A Mockingbird2

TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD One of the major masterpieces of American literature, To Kill A
Mockingbird, written by Harper Lee originally as a love story, was published in 1960 and
won a Pulitzer Prize in 1961. It also won an Academy Award when it was later made into a
film starring Gregory Peck. The story is set in imaginary Maycomb County in southern
Alabama. The time frame for the story is the early 1930's during the great depression.
Poverty was common and times were extremely tough. This book is loaded with interesting
characters. Here is an outline and description of some of the most important characters.
The story revolves around the Finch family, led by Atticus Finch, a lawyer. Atticus has
two children: Jem, short for Jeremy, his eldest son and Scout, nickname for Jean Louise,
his younger and only daughter. Scout is a bit of a tomboy and enjoys hanging out with her
brother and their friend Dill. Dill is a young boy who comes to stay in Maycomb every
summer with his aunt, Miss Rachel. Aunt Alexandra is Atticus' sister and the family has a
maid named Calpurnia. The children spend a great deal of time at the house of Arthur "Boo"
Radley. Bob Ewell who lives with his daughter Mayella Ewell is the man who accuses Tom
Robinson, a black man, of raping Mayella. Law enforcement in Maycomb consists of Heck
Tate, county law official and Judge Taylor. The story begins when Jem and Scout meet a new
friend, Dill, who has come to spend yet another summer with his aunt, Miss Rachel. The
town is full of gossip about Boo Radley, which fascinates the three friends. Dill, Jem and
Scout try to think up creative ways to lure Boo out of his house with no success. The next
summer Dill returns and is even more curious and becomes more daring in his attempt to see
Boo. On the last evening of Dill's stay in Maycomb the children decide to sneak up on
Boo's porch to see what they can see. Just as Jem reaches the window, Nathan Radley, Boo's
son, fires his shotgun and scares them off. One night during the following winter one of
the Finch's neighbor Miss Maudie's house burns to the ground. As Scout was standing and
watching the efforts of the town in fighting the fire, someone placed a blanket over her
shoulders. Jem later realizes that it must have been Boo who tried to warm Scout with the
blanket because everyone else in town was fighting Miss Maudie's fire. The children now
see Boo in a new light and realize that he must be a nice person. Their interest in the
Radley house fades. Meanwhile the children find out that their father has accepted the
task of defending Tom Robinson who is charged with the rape of Mayella Ewell. As the trial
date grows nearer the children see the way it has aroused the townspeople of Maycomb. The
town is full of racism and the residents don't hesitate to point out to the children that
their father is defending a black man. A couple of nights before the start of the trial
some men come to the Finch house to tell Atticus about how some people are threatening Tom
Robinson's life. To defend Mr. Robinson from these people Atticus decides to spend the
night in jail with him. A group of men show up at the jail to kill Tom and at the same
time as they arrive, so do Jem, Dill and Scout. Scout is friendly to the men, one of which
she recognizes. Her display of kindness causes the men to feel embarrassment and leave
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