Toatlitarian Gov. Essay

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Toatlitarian Gov.

Totalitarian Governments use the people in a total movement to achieve a goal. When this
goal is finally met, the government finds a new goal to strive for to keep the population
in check. This type of government sprang up during the 1930's in Europe and Asia.
Totalitarianism came into being for many reasons: class struggle, nationalism, and a need
for a better way of life. However the biggest reason that totalitarian government came
into play was because of the Great Depression. Three nations in particular were able to
model this take over by using the lower classes as a boost to achieve power.

The Russian nation was in a state of distress. The country was being ruined by drought,
fire, and the lack of industry. Russia was falling way behind the rest of the world, and
with the death of Lenin they were looking for a new leader. The single party system made
it easy for a totalitarian style leader to take hold of the reigns of power.

Trotsky and Stalin were the two candidates for the take over Russia's government. They
both used socialism to try to move into power, but Stalin used socialism on the home front
to his advantage. Where Trotsky wanted to use the rest of the world for socialism, making
the people think that they needed a crutch. This idea did not go over well and Stalin won
increasing support. He used this support to banish and kill Trotsky and his opposition.
After Trotsky was out of the way, Stalin killed his supporters and furthered his
totalitarian role. With the introduction of his "Five Year Plan", to increase industry by
two hundred and fifty percent and agriculture by one hundred and fifty percent, he
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