Todays society Essay

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Todays society

Society is a relatively stable but complex system of parts; each part of the system
contributes to the well being of the whole system. Society and culture largely determine
the behavior of humans. With this being the foundation of structural functionalism I
believe functionalist's would be interested in looking at how fraternities members work
together to achieve the frat's success. How each person is given a responsibility, and
for the fraternity to work properly they must all full fill their given job.

In the social conflict theory, society is supposedly being built out of the conflicting
interests of the “owner class” and the “working class.” This
ensuing struggle between classes would lead to a classless society, again in theory. I
believe that a social conflict theorist would say that fraternities/sororities are a
different class of people then peoples not currently in clubs. They like to party a lot
while other people like to study and sleep. As you can see happening though, fraternities
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