Towson Cirlce Essay

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Towson Cirlce

Currently in the Towson University area there are no major transportation plans being
planned. The York Road cityscape project is just wrapping up but his project does not help
the flow of traffic. Its design was to revitalize that particular corridor just south of
the University by increasing lighting, security and the overall appeal of the area. The
present improvements to widen the beltway have no affiliation with Towson University.
There is a current project which is in the planning stages that will affect the campus and
the surrounding community. This plan is the Towson Circle Project. This is a proposal to
add new dorm space in downtown Towson, with the goal for students to live close to campus
but within the community as well.

The Towson Circle Project was submitted a few years ago by Towson University. The goal of
the university is to grow 10,000 students in ten years. This is the plan for the first ten
years of the new century. When a goal such as this one comes along, many things must
happen. First, there is the need for more beds and dorm space, which is addressed by
Towson Circle. Next, there is the need for more classroom and faculty; this is addressed
in the University's master plan. Finally, with a more crowded campus area there is a great
need for better movement with traffic patterns. Currently there are no plans to do this,
but in an area where traffic is already less than ideal, it is all about to get worse.

Within the downtown Towson area about 60% of the total population is senior citizens. When
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