Tracking disease by computer Essay

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tracking disease by computer

Tracking disease by computer: By Susan Page; Date of publication January 11, 2000

Clintons administration will propose spending 65 millon

dollars next year to help establish a nationwide computer

system to rapidly track the outbreak of infectious diseases

such as influenza and hepititis C and notify doctors how best

to treat them.

Diverticulosis vs. diverticulitis: By Doctor on call;Date of publication January 11,2000

Diverticulosis is more commonly found in women, and

incidence icreases as people age. It has been estimated that

50 percent of people over the age of 60 have this condition.

First-time attacks may occur in the 40's or 50's.

Muck dumped in ocean isn't clean cover:ByJohn kapcar;Date of publication January 11, 2000

For over 100 years, dredge material and other contaminated

waste has been disposed of in an area of the ocean termed the

"Mud Dump"centered about 6 miles off Sea Bright but

sprawling out over about 16 square miles or the ocean floor.

Surgeon:Meridian Health System layoffs harm patient care:By Wyatt Olson;Date of publication January 13,2000

Last week, Meridian Health System--announced it will

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