Treatment Essay

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The main character is Janine Starr. She is overly shy, a bookworm, and an extremely
religious Christian; however, she is an undercover cop. She works for the New York Police
Department. In order for her to be promoted to a "detective" she has to work at a local
strip joint, "ChiChi's," on West 8th Street. The reason for her to work at ChiChi's is to
bust the city's top drug tycoon, Miguel Martinez.

Our other main character is Barry Johnson who is senior detective at the station. Starr
does not know of Johnson. Johnson's front is a cage cleaner at The Bronx Zoo. Johnson is
keeping an eye on Starr because Johnson works on the side with Martinez; Johnson is
betraying the department. Johnson moved next door to Starr and he pretends to be mentally
challenged and in love with Starr. He watches her nightly at the club, yet she only
notices him around the elevator—here or there. She has never seen him at the department
or at the club.

Starr is very attractive, early to mid-twenties. She has medium brown hair, blue eyes,
roughly 5'8". A Tiffany-Amber Theissan type of look. Starr has the opportunity to be
promoted to detective at her age because her father is a retired Commissioner. Starr hates
working in the strip joint because she is religious. Our comic relief is a cross made out
of black leather that she carries around. They chose Starr because she needed initiation
for detective (she needed to do REAL detective work), and she was the best-looking female
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