Trench Coat Mafia

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Trench Coat Mafia

Trench Coat Mafia: Address the Hate
"Always remember that others may hate you but those who hate you don't win unless you hate them. And then you
destroy yourself." - Richard Nixon
A lot of people are trying to figure out why the two kids in Colorado went on a shooting spree. Many
people are focusing on violence, guns, computer games, movies, television, and the free flow of
information on the internet. These kids wouldn't have done what they did without a motivation. Their
motivation was hate caused by hate.

Here are my opinions on some of the things people are focusing on in the discussion this event has brought
As Americans it is totally hypocritical for us to say that violence is bad. Every tax paying American
supports violence and pays for it. In fact, we support an American foreign policy whose principal is
that violence is a valid means to create peace. If you were truly against violence you wouldn't pay
your taxes or would move to another country, like Switzerland, where they very rarely use violence
(being a neutral country). As far as voting goes, you most likely voted for a congressperson or
president who supports violence. If you didn't vote you are supporting the status quo of violence.
As far as the guns related in this incident, numerous gun laws were broken even before the shooting
occurred(about 20 laws). Yes, the gun laws probably need to be reviewed but there is obviously
insufficient enforcement of the gun laws already in existence and inadequate punishment of the
people who break the laws. Detailed statistics on this can be found at the Bureau of Justice
Computer Games, Movies, and Television:
I totally agree that there are many violent computer games, movies, and television shows in the U.S.
today. These types of media all have rating systems to help parents determine the suitability for their
children. Unfortunately, parents fail to properly utilize these rating systems. Case in point: How
many parents let their children under 13 see Jurassic Park? This movie was rated PG-13 and was
very violent but I saw a lot of kids under 13 in the theater I was in. The next time you are in a
PG-13 or R movie just observe who is in attendance.
In r

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