Trials of Joan of Arc Essay

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Trials of Joan of Arc

The Trial of Jeanne d’Arc

Jeanne d’Arc, better known as Joan of Arc, was the Maid of Orleans. She was a great
heroin of the Hundred Years War for the French and was the spirit of the army. She was
only a teenager when she heard the voices of Saint Catherine, Saint Michael, and Saint
Margaret. The voices told her to march with the French army to drive out the English and
place Charles VII on the throne. She provided support and spirit to the troops and
shaped them up into better soldiers. She had successful victories like Orleans and at
Patay, but was defeated and captured by the Burgandians while defending Compiegne. The
Burgundians sold her to the English who had long been after her. She would be tried for
witchcraft and heresy by the ecclesiastical court of Rouen led by Bishop Pierre Cauchon.

The court was judged by the Bishop along with his assessors. The trial consisted of six
public examinations, 9 private examinations, and several readings of articles. In the
first public examination, Jeanne made it clear to the bishop and the forty-two assessors
present that she would only tell the things she was allowed to tell even if it meant death
upon her own oath instead of what the English wished her to. "’Of my father and my
mother and of what I did after taking the road to France, willingly will I swear; but of
the revelations which have come to me from God, to no one will I speak or reveal them,
save only to Charles my King; and to you I will not reveal them, even if it cost me my
head; because I have received them in visions and by secret counsel, and am forbidden to
reveal them. Before eight days are gone, I shall know if I may reveal them to you.’" The
English interrogated her until she revealed the names of herself, her father and mother
and of her birthplace along with many other personal questions. At the second public
examination, Jeanne was asked to swear an oath again to which she claimed, “’I made oath
to you yesterday,’" she answered, "’that should be quite enough for you: you overburden me
too much!’" In this examination, they asked her about her childhood, of the light she
sees when the voices of the Saints speak to her, and who possessed her to wear men’s
garments. On the third public examination, Jeanne asked for her release but was denied.
She was then questioned by a doctor who asked her of her health. He asked her when the
last time she had food and drink and when were the last times the voices had spoken to
her. He also questioned her of what the voices were revealing to her. At the end of the
examination, the doctor asked her if she wanted a woman’s dress to which she said, "Give
me one, and I will take it and begone; otherwise, no. I am content with what I have, since
it pleases God that I wear it." On the forth public examination, she was asked mainly
about what the voices tell her and of what became of her famous sword Fierbois. She told
them about her revelations about Orleans and that she knew it would be a victory for the
French. In the fifth public examination, when she was asked to swear upon on oath, “And
in this wise did she swear, her hands on the Holy Gospels. Then she said: ‘On what I know
touching this Case, I will speak the truth willingly; I will tell you as much as I would
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