Triumph of the will and why we fight Essay

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triumph of the will and why we fight

Triumph of the Will and Why We Fight : Prelude to War

These films were arts of propaganda, which is the attempt to control the beliefs and
behaviors of people in times of crisis. This was the goal of each film, to try to persuade
the world by the use of powerful film propaganda of different points of view.

The film Triumph of the Will expressed how Hitler and his people wanted the world to see
them. The main goal here was to encourage membership in the nazi party by emphasizing mass
accommodation, mass gatherings, and above all collectiveness.

The film Why we Fight: Prelude to war on the other hand wanted to make America aware of
why they had to become involved in WWII. The film describes the events that led up to
WWII. The escalation of Japanese militarism and the rise of fascism in Germany and Italy
are also explored. This series of films was created by the US War Department to appeal to
Americans' commitment to the War.

The most effective element of each film to me was the use of visuals/images in the scenes
and the use of sound (music etc.)
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