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Harry S. Truman.

”Early Life Harry S. Truman, the oldest of three children born to Martha Ellen Young Truman
and John Anderson Truman, was born in his family’s small frame house in Lamar, Missouri, in
1884. Truman had no middle name; his parents apparently gave him the middle initial S.
because two family relatives names started with that letter.
When Truman was six years old, his family moved to Independence, Missouri, where he
attended the Presbyterian Church Sunday school. There he met five-year-old Elizabeth
Virginia (“Bess”) Wallace, with whom he was later to fall in love. Truman did not begin regular
school until he was eight, and by then he was wearing thick glasses to correct extreme
nearsightedness. His poor eyesight did not interfere with his two interests, music and reading.
He got up each day at 5 AM to practice the piano, and until he was 15, he went to the local
music teacher twice a week. He read four or five histories or biographies a week and acquired
an exhaustive knowledge of great military battles and of the lives of the world’s greatest
Early Career
In 1901, when Truman graduated from high school, his future was uncertain. College had been
ruled out by his family’s financial situation, and appointment to the U.S. Military Academy at
West Point was eliminated by his poor eyesight. He began work as a timekeeper for the Santa
Fe Railroad at $35 per month, and in his spare time he read histories and encyclopedias. He
later moved to Kansas City, where he worked as a mail clerk for the Kansas City Star, then as
a clerk for the National Bank of Commerce, and finally as a bookkeeper for the Union National
Bank. In 1906 he was called home to help his parents run the large farm of Mrs. Truman’s
widowed mother in Grandview, Missouri.
For the next ten years, Truman was a successful farmer. He joined Mike Pendergast’s Kansas
City Tenth Ward Democratic Club, the local Democratic Party organization, and on his father’s
death in 1914 he succeeded him as road overseer. An argument soon ended the job, but
Truman became the Grandview postmaster. In 1915 he invested in lead mines in Missouri, lost
his money, and then turned to the oil fields of Oklahoma. Two years later, just before the
United States entered World War I, he sold his share in the oil business and enlisted in the
U.S. Army. He trained at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, but returned to Missouri to help recruit others. He
was elected first lie

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