Tuesdays with Morrie1 Essay

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Tuesdays with Morrie1

At the conclusion of the story there is Morrie slowly but surely deteriorating. At this
point, he has finally “gotten” to Mitch and now Mitch is starting to show some
emotions. One section in this portion of the book that really made me happy when reading
it was the fact that Mitch was able to get in touch with his brother, tell him how he
truly feels and how much he values their relationship and so they develop another one
between the two before it’s too late. Morrie’s lessons are extremely
important to everyone that he comes into contact with; he even brought out the best in
Mitch’s wife Janine when she came to see him. The relationship that Morrie and Ted
Koppel had developed in the three visits shows that anyone that he comes into contact with
has no choice but to become attached to him. Morrie’s help became so bad in the
last 3 sections or so to the point that he could not get out of the bed, Mitch had never
seen him like this because he was not one to lay around in the bed all day. His worse
nightmare had happened, the disease had attacked his lungs and there was nothing else that
could be done, a treatment had been developed but it didn’t cure the disease only
prolonged it and Morrie was too far along for that. When Morrie died at the end of the
story he was in the room by himself, he took his last breath when the family member that
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