TV Violence Compare and Constrast Essay

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TV Violence

The average American child watches an average of three to four hours of television daily.
Over a year's time that add up to about 12,000 violent acts witnessed on television
(Television…Children). After a child has witnessed a violent program, they tend to act

Parents need to be able to distinguish between dramatic or imaginative play and imitation.
During dramatic play children create new and varied roles which represent different
experiences in their lives. However, during imitative play children simply repeat
stereotyped roles from the screen, often repeating scripts or sound bites from the
television. In drama play language may be made up, use codes, and special names.

Numerous studies have been done in the last thirty years about the problems with viewing
programs that contain violence. The majority of research done has been on
television/cartoon violence; focusing on how viewing violence causes aggressive behavior
in the viewer (The Effects…Violence). One study, done by Athena Huston, Ph.D., used 100
preschool children. Half of them were males and the other half females. The little
children were observed before and after they viewed violent and non-violent shows. The
group that viewed the violence were more likely to hit out at their playmates, argue,
disobey class rules, and were less willing to wait for things and turns than the group
that viewed non-violent material (Violence and Television). It seems that children who
view large amounts of violence on television are likely to become desensitized to all
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