Twilight Zoine

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Twilight Zoine

Enter sounds of the Twilight Zone

Mona: waving the multicolored flashlight. Our setting is a very boring planet in the middle of
two points in the galaxy. This planet is doomed for destruction by the Galactic Hyperspace
Planning Council to make way for a hyperspatial express route that will run through our star
system. This is a special report from The United Relocation Committee in the hopes of preparing
the majority of the population for the inevitable move to Earth. This report is designed to help
with synthesizing our Altarian culture to that of the Earth. Earth, as you all know, is the best
chance for creating homeostatic environment between two cultures, one of which is ours since
theirs is considered “Mostly Harmless” by some standards. We, as intelligent being on our planet,
must learn to live by a few of these new social rules that Earth calls “ethics*”.(*said with a bit of
an accent) We have set up a program so that you may learn Earth customs and “ethics*” along
with our most veteran space explorer, Lieutenant Dodge de Neon, as he investigates Earth. The
countries that were selected were not at random. It is quite simple really, The United Relocation
Committee chose countries that are believed to be the purposed accepting end of about 55.6% of
all archaic signals that have, for some unknown reason, been noticeable for twenty-three minutes
on a few old broadcasting channels that are still used to check for intelligent life on other planets.
The countries that have sent most of the broadcasting are believed not to need such necessary
visits as those on the receiving end because all these special broadcasts will be aired every day
between eight and ten d.m. in the hopes of teaching everyone all about these countries with least
amount of Altarian tax dollars being spent.

Focus in on the small car arriving in country a.

Here is our spatial habitual machine carrying Lieutenant de Neon to Earth. The first country on
our list is Pakistan. Oh, dear. The lieutenant is coming in too fast!!!! Here on our screens in the
studio I see that it is predicted that the Habitual machine will hit that big round object hovering
over the building… The balloon pops and confetti flies. And the habitual machine does as it
comes to a complete stop.

Norrenna comes out, throws open the rug, reaches behind her and turns the car into another
gear and pretends to make Islamic prayer out loud. Brauer comes up to Norrenna and tries to
speak with her explaining his apology.

Norrenna: Allah Hu ackbar, Allah hu ackbar….

Brauer: Sorry that I caused such an accident.

Norrenna: As-Saalam… Eid Mubarak

Brauer. Teach me some of your lanuage please.

Norrenna: Bis-millah-heer-rah-mah-neer-rah-heem

Brauer: Bis-millah-heer-rah-mah-neer-rah-heem
Norrenna: Hama-abne-sad-lejeelow.

Norrenna gives rug to Brauer. As they do this Norrenna places the small souvenir in the rocket.
And Brauer maneuvers the car up the ferry.

Mona: I hope all of you learned something. That was a religious prayer performed by almost ¼
of the Earths populatio

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