U.s. History 1920-1940 Essay

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U.s. History 1920-1940


1920 - 1940

During this time period of American history, the country could not have been more
contrasting than from 1920 through 1940. The twenties were a period of fun, partying, and
economic security hence the term "roaring twenties". While the nineteen thirties were
known as the time of the "Great Depression." From 1920 to 1940 our country saw five
presidents, the first flight around the world, the completion of the worlds largest dam, a
depression, prohibition, women given the right to vote, and new musical expressions.

The 1920's began shortly after World War I when the Americans and the Allies defeated the
Germans in 1918. It was a dawn of new politics in America when congress finally passed the
women's suffrage bill and the 19th Amendment became law, giving women the right to vote.
Some twenty five million women had won the right to vote. This would play a major role in
the up coming election. Many Americans were fed up with Woodrow Wilson, the 28th president
from 1913 to 1921. The first election of the twenties saw Warren G. Harding win and become
our nations 29th president. Unfortunately, Harding died before finishing his term and vice
president Calvin Coolidge took over to become our 30th president. At the end of this term
Coolidge was reelected in 1924. The United States had one of the greatest periods of
prosperity ever during his presidency from 1923 to 1929. Great technological advances were
also made in the 1920's. Our nation witnessed the first flights around the world.
Inventions such as cars and radios improved the standard of living for the common man.
These inventions as well as the conservative economic pollicies added to a huge economic
boom. "The economy experienced growth of seven to ten percent in six years of the
twenties" (Vanguard, facts on funds). Later, many of the economic procedures in the decade
would lead to danger especially in the stock market. "The nations total income rose from
74.3 billion in 1923 to 89 billion in 1929."(Vanguard facts)

In the 1920's, pop culture thrived. Radio became a large form of entertainment. Jazz
developed as a new form of music. Louis Armstrong, a trumpeter from New Orleans among
others, led the emergence of jazz. During this time the Harlem Renaissance gained
recognition, led by Langston Hughes it produced great accomplishments in poetry as well as

In contrast to the twenties where people were having fun and enjoying economic security,
the thirties were a very dark time for our nation. The "Great Depression" was the worst
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