Usa budgeting Essay

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usa budgeting

Were congressional powers are limited in regards to the budget; the executive is strong
and vice versa. But it should be understood that each branch takes the other into account
when advocating policy (Lee & Johnson, pg 236). Congress’s power of the purse is
the executive’s limit to power, and the executive power of veto and line item veto
is the congresses weakness. The scope of their powers in regards to the budget vary from
legal limits to administrative limits.

Legally, congresses limits are the executive’s powers. The executive can veto
legislation all together or at least line item off the parts of the legislation he/she
doesn’t like. The veto power can be used as a form of intimidation or threat to get
the executive’s agenda out or it can also be used to prevent pork barreling.
Impoundment is also a power of the president that can be used against congress.
Impoundment can be used by the president to either control spending, or just not spend
funds available for a program that he/she dislikes.

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