Valentine's Day Essay

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Valentine's Day

Over the years Valentine's Day has been more important to me than other times. I guess
this is so because some years I'll be going with some body and other times I won't. Times
when I'm not with somebody I feel like it's the worst. I don't have anybody to buy
something for. I like to buy girls stuff, especially when I'm going with them. I kind of
like to spoil the girl I'm going with during Valentine's and go all out. But this
Valentines happens to be one when I'm alone.

Unlike some people, I don't let Valentines get to me and I'm not all sad and discouraged
when I see the couples with their roses and candies. Sometimes it would be nice to have a
Valentine's but it's not like I can't do with out. It's just one day out of the year when
I start thinking about this. All I've got to do is get through this day and I'll be all

Hopefully next year I'll be writing a totally different essay and the mood will be
completely different. But from now on I'll just hold my head up and take it in stride.
It's not like I can't get a Valentine's. It's not too late…

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