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d. Employees should remember that employees are adversaries and are always there to oppress them E. all needs of the citizens are to be met by the government4 the citizens can do somng to improve the lives of people
g. Political positions are opportunities for enriching oneself

)t political positions are o,portunities of sharing God's power of recreating the world

4. citizens are cooperators to uplift the country in their economic life

p citizens can urge the government to take active steps to take care of the earth

B. Write whether these aye opertttional structures or attitudinal structures.
a. political f. legal
b. philosophy of life g. world view
c. standards of morality h. health
d. economic i. military
e. mindset

C. Cite an attitudinal stricture of a person which resulted in the progress of a certain community.


Make a chart for attitudinal changes among citizens and political leaden that would lead to helping the country move to progress.
Citizens Attitudinal Change Result

1. _____________________________________________________

3. ___________________________________
4. _____________________________
Political Leaders Attitudinal Change Result
I. _____________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________

2. _________________________________________

3. _____________________________________ _________________________________________

4. __________________________________ C'______________________________________






Pasca said, )Aatt a only a reed, the weakest ti nature bitt he it a thitiking red'' Another of his quotation is, '9We know the truth, not only by reasott bitt by heart.' v tIiee two ecpressions we are led to a conclusion nat man has tar greater wortii than any kind of (kzd'c creation. Do the exercises and read the selections to better find out the hetinnhllg and end of nat).


o Do this Activity -- 'What I'm Not''

Describe yoursglf by writing what you ar NOT. Vor example if tot' have a curly hair you night write: "I do not have CVPfr hair. Exchange your "I Am Not jesctit,tions with your friends. See if you can flure out who is not described.


(School subjects uch as Math, Es, gpsh, History, hobbies sports)

I aul 00SI'fl* Ir) $JIc*44 WI_aIL
______ *1
__ 2*

(Books, favorite subject)
I do not like to

rvvtil.E DESC.RPTlON
(Care em. leisure me, fan, Fly, cornet, unity, etc 'do not want to he

2. Answet II* lbltowThg questions
Wbaav you discovered a reardi lg the wlii ou are otY
. L
Do you lcd affr.4gatweW reaming the aspects xQhich you are flOt

As you go on you 'vifl ci scover'tIue it ings about yourself that wouid matter snore

usig than what you air not






d. employees shnuld remember that employees arc adversaries and are always there to oppnss them

e. afl leeds of the citizens ore to be met by the govern,nent

4, the cttizcncan doaomnet og to improve ttte lives of peoWe

.41 political positions are o'portunities for enricrnng oneself

)i. poIitic positions are 4potttnities of sharing Ood power of recreatins the world citizens ae cooperators to uplift the county in their econnn,ic life

citizens can urge the government to take actiqt steps to tke cam of the earth

B. Write whether these aye opemtional stntcturas or attitudinal structures.
a. political f. legal
b. philosophy of life - g. world ,dew
C. standards ofmorality h. health
d. economic I. military
e. mindset

C. Cite an attitudinal structure of a person which resulted in the vrosress of a certain comflluni ty.


Make a chart for attitudinal changes among citizens and political leaders that would lead to wtpnt the co.'ntiy rw,e to,rovtss.
dtizens Attitudi',st Change Result

2. _____________________________
4. _____________

?olitica leaders Attitvdinal Change Resnt
2, _________________________

S. __________________________________

4. _______________________________




Pascal said, Man is only a reed, the weakett in nature but he is a thmkin reed." Au'o ther or lii s quotation is. ''We know the truth not o'Ily by reason hut by fieart*' y these two expressions we ar led to a conclnsiou that man has far greater worth than any kind of Cod's creation. Do the exercises and react the selections to better find out the hegimiing aud end
of ii an


I. Do this Activity -.- 'What I'm Not''
Describe yourself by writing what you are NOT- For example if you have a curly hair you rnirht write: "I do rot have a curly hair. Pxchange your '9 Am Not -desctionc with 3'ouT friends. See ifyc, Ca,, figure out who is not descrIbed.

(Eyes, lie*. h.ight weight)


(Sc!tooIsLIbiectsn[ichas MaTh, ng!isI, History, hobbies, sports)
F, In Lia41 . Voi1sgI
(Books, fsvorite subje.ct)
T'lonctlikcAo IAtILkt

(Careers leisure fink. Ianii'y, cOmaiuflity etc.)
I dci tint want to be fl ,,t.

ng tjtyestio us
overed ah
A.. put yourcofl regardctw the aspects wht you treyct
ho rt.c,tt've% reaIczcn tile aspects which you are Ut

As ott go on yot, will dcsco vernIte fbi ogs about oursoIr that would matter more
than what you alt

3. Read the foliow3na selection

by flop, WiWm

o .1 ad'uir the human race. rverybody is binning us down, these days. for the mess they saywe have mae here and there and everywhere That's short-range stuff. Over the marching and abundant centuries, we haven't made any mess. We have done and ate doing a better job than anyone has any rioIit to expect.
From the beginning, we found our selves alone in a vast universe, and not only ak,ne but the only living thing Oil this planet which cogld realize its lone-mess. We reiizcd it, gave it a good clo look, and then turned o'Er attention to making something practicl and uscfut out of an unprecedented situation.
First of all, we found Light, a Cod. and we got a sense of direction a goal to
work toward. We proceeded to set
standards for revolutionary and kindliness brute strength. found that out practical code deal standards
living together. We made the discovery that gentleness were more practictl than in other species has ever and used it as a model and of conduct. We observe our in remarkable degree. We trustwcrthy one with aT,-other so thot it is the exception, it is news, when we commit a thefl. We are decent 99 ,ercent of the time. when we could easily be vile.
With silence and mystery behind us and ahead of us, we make up gay little songs and Whistle them, and our feet keep jig time to them. We look fife and rate in the OlSCUfllON CII ESTIONS
are honest and
eye, anti smile. r like that, and I admire the people who do it. Alone among all lMng things, we have discovered eauty, and we cherish it, and create it for eye and car, Alone anlong Wing things we have the power to look al our environment and cri-ticize it and improve it.
Pintl4ng it necessary to live together by the millions, we created for ourselves gOvernung systems covering vast geo-graphical spaces. We have conceived the ideal of justice and plan it tot all men. Finding that we have to work to stay alive, we work with ability beyond imagining. Out of the earth we take tbod, and ni-prove that food year by. year;we take heat and light. We . enjoy the myriad products of unpar]belcd ingenuity. Every Tnolning the necessity for the days work racs us. And we go arid id a day's work.
o OU a persistence, a daring and ingenuity impossible to surpass, we rind ways to move easily under the water and through the air. Now we speculatively eye our neighboring planets. Flow half I not admire such a creature?
Whenever he comes to an impassable obstacle, an apparently final banier, he goes to work at it and in due lime sur-passes it. If he has limits, I do not see where they are. f do not think he has limits. I think he is a child of the universe who inlteris eternity. I think he is won-derful, I am his devoted partisan and lam proud indeed to be one otliiin.

a Vat concepts about man are shared in the selection?
b. flow did man make use of the gifts given to Em by his creator?
c. By reading through the seection which could be appreciated more, the positive negative events in mans environment? 'by?
d. By reading through the selection what can you say about the kind ofman's sourc or life and the end he is to achieve?



"I helicve that man Will not merely endure Lie wilf prevail; FTc is i'nniortal not because lie alone among creatUres has an iiiexhaustib]c voice, but because lie has a soul, a spiril capable of compassion anti sacrifice and e,lduraiieeS - Excerpt from "Mnti Will Prevail" by William Iatilkt'er
a) What is in nan that the poet has pinned his hope on?
b) DO you agree with him? Why?
2. Th4an has btsic rifhts during his life, tight to life. right to human dignity arid tile tight to develop. All there tights is a philosophy tlpon which mart shoutd base his
conduct while scting for himsalfand for others.''
3. From Cod's teacfii'igs through our church we gained our sense of direction md a goal to work toward.
a) What afe some of tin teachings oi yout ch'neh that is helping yuo to hye a good life?
4, Man is gifted with the ideal ofjustice and plans it for all men.
o a) When have you felt justice done to 11am,? injustice
) What goals iii life do now nyc hascdon the clw'clt teaclings?


a) What actions can you do at home to show that you are proud, you air human? in school? in the comniLmnily? ler your cowl try? for rite global coin ri unity?
b) What lcarnings about man guides you to say thaT these aetons cont;mdicts man's Purposes and goal? Wy?
2) lack of rnotiv'atioii
3) foIowing the inc oi least aesistanco
4) seeking only the good of ono% loved otter at the expense of otlters


Copy a news item stjpporling your. understanding el nborl you Learned from ftc

*ksson. Wntc tills understanding of man and link it to tile news item in the paragraph.

Mid, front beLn art jniorior kjuid of nta, to what othbr thiTls, can mtn bt oompur to Draw a sketch or thing which you think can very weI be compared to a man's life.
Make this beautiful and submit it to the editor ofyoar school paper or to a newspaper in the cftculation of your locality. Include it with an oxpl4nation througt a poem, essay or short story.

_ 1sj2he
It is an accepted fact that not all of us are gifted with rite saint alent gift given to us is different, we should be hat,py. As a man,
- twill try my best to iMprove my tatentin S3P
- w it try ton this
- Wit!, all the blessings gil'en to me by God, I will prove that I wiU use It only far the go,d so that I cat, continue Cod's glory.






- IETROOUCTION Merely sttiing to be a person is wanting of man's noble destiny, Attaining his personhood which means reaching a point where he has attained real freedotn should be l4s goal. Real freedom is the seeking of the ultimgte good. The following exercises and readings will help you develop your personhood and not only your person.


A. Directions: Rank the following values in the order of the degree ofimportance you

perceive for each.
it Wisdom - The ability to discern inner qualities and relationships insight, good
sense judgement

11 Recognition - Being made to feel sigttiflcant and iinportan, being given special
9J] Morality - The belief in and keeping ofethical standards
[] Physical Appearance - Concern for the beauty of one's own body
Honesty - Fairness or sftaightfonvardness of conduct. ititegtity, uptittness of character of action

Wealth - Abutidance of valuable matenal possession or resources
love Affection o.. As a result of admiration or benevolence; warm attachment,
enthusiasm or devotion, unselfish devotion that freely accepts another in
Power Gaining - Control, authority or influence over others
[I] Religious Faith - A relationship with he Almighty with, obedience to Tin,
and all activities based on love for Him


B. Directions: List down the activities you enjoy doing and where you spend n,oe time, energy and resources. Then go over the activities and rank the activities in the order of your preference. Review cacti activity that yOLt enjoy and analyze what values seem to be indicated by it.

Activity Shoot
Ten Activities I Enjoy Ranking Values Indicated

Answer these questions after the activity above.

I. Do *ou see if the values indicated by the activities you gave preference to niateh with the valves you prioritized in the first exercise

2. II there is a difference shown between the values indicated Iron, the chosen activity and the values prioritized, what could be the reason for the difference.2

3.. What significant tearnings, realizations, disdoveries and insights can you draw from this activity?



Being a prson means trying to achieve the things, attitudes and values necessary to lice a life that is flee or of lessor problems. It. is the pursuit of attaining good health and attaining enough material gnods to sustain life. WThich of the values mentioned in the first activity would help one attain his being a perscn?
I'ersonhood consists of mans visions, emotions behavior and relationship with nther& His personhood is attained through transcending desire for material goods, power and recognition hut bong all thoughts, desires, attitudes and actions not only for oneself l,ut for the others in the comm unity and the world who are also recognized as brothers as they are also creatcI by the same Almighty Father. V,*at values in the first actiwty would help one attain his personhood?
Looking at your prioritizing of values, do you think you are on your way to achieve
your personf,ooit What do you observe between the actual values present in your nctivitie*: Are they h'elr,tul to achieve yo

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