Values Term Paper

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My Values

The definition of the word ‘value' according the Webster is the monetary worth of a
thing. In my definitions value is worth of a thing, it doesn't have to be monetary
(meaning money-wise). In my life I have had three people, well two people and one supreme
being, who have helped me come to a decision on what is of value to me. G-d, my mom, and
my dad.

My mom and G-d work hand-in-hand and interweave each other on showing me and opening my
eyes to a whole world of things that I can make a choice on weither it can be important to
me or not. It's funny how they stress on how important it is to have both of them in my
lives. For instance G-d will speak to me and touch me deeply regarding how blessed I am to
have a mother who loves me unconditionally. And in the next instant my mother will be
conversing w/ me and bring up the fact that G-d is in fact the one who loves us enough to
bless us in the first place.

My father has shown me the overwhelming goodness of positive music and not being as
spiritual as mom, the value of material things. I'm not saying that this is bad, but
sometimes I do wish he could find value in simple things like a child just learning how to
walk and the way their whole hand can only grasp around one of your fingers

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