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Early Life
Born in Monroeville, Alabama, on April 28, 1926, Nelle Harper Lee is the youngest of three children of
Amassa Coleman Lee and Francis Lee. Before his death, Miss Lee\'s father and her older sister, Alice,
practiced law together in Monroeville. When one considers the theme of honor that runs throughout Miss
Lee\'s novel, it is perhaps significant to note that her family is related to Confederate General Robert E.
Lee, a man especially noted for his devotion to that virtue.

Miss Lee received her early education in the Monroeville public schools. Following this, she entered the
University of Alabama to study law. She left there to spend a year in England as an exchange student.
Returning to the university, she continued her studies, but left in 1950 without having completed the
requirements for her law degree. She moved to New York and worked as an airline reservation clerk.

It is said that Miss Lee personally resembles the tomboy she describes in the character of Scout. Her
dark straight hair is worn cut in a short style. Her main interests, she says, are "collecting the memoirs
of nineteenth century clergymen, golf, crime, and music." She is a Whig in political thought and believes
in "Catholic emancipation and the repeal of the corn laws."

Sources Of To Kill A Mockingbird
Among the sources for Miss Lee\'s novel are the following:
(1) National events: This novel focuses on the role of the Negro in Southern life, a life with which Miss
Lee has been intimately associated. Although it does not deal with civil rights as such - for example, the
right to vote - it is greatly concerned with the problem of human dignity - dignity based on individual
merit, not racial origin. The bigotry of the characters in this novel greatly resembles that of the people in
the South today, where the fictional Maycomb County is located.

(2) Specific Persons: Atticus Finch is the principal character in this novel. He bears a close resemblance
to Harper Lee\'s father, whose middle name was Finch. In addition to both being lawyers, they are similar
in character and personality - humble, intelligent and hard-working.

(3) Personal Experience: Boo Radley\'s house has an aura of fantasy, superstition, and curiosity for the
Finch children. There was a similar house in Harper Lee\'s childhood. Furthermore, Miss Lee grew up amid
the Negro p

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