Violence Book Report

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Journal Article Analysis

Violence in high schools is present in many places in the school. A survey was taken by
five high schools. Both students and teachers were given maps to their schools and asked
to identify where and when the most violent events and most dangerous places in the school
were at. The participants, or the teachers and students were also asked to identify the
ages and sexes of the people who committed the violent acts and of the people who they
were committed against. Later the participants were questioned about why they thought
these were the most dangerous areas and why these certain types of people committed the
violent acts. The findings were that they mostly occurred in places such as hallways,
dining areas, and parking lots. All of these places are where authority figures are not
usually found. Also in the study they asked their opinions on security guards,
suspensions, and objects such as video cameras. The purpose of this survey was to see if
interventions should be made to heighten the sense of awareness between students and
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