Virginia woolf

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virginia woolf

1. Throughout Voyage Out, Virginia Woolf provides many key scenes which trace Rachel
Vinrace’s sexual maturation, both physically and mentally. At the first mention of
the word love, Rachel begins to feel her world expanding. Her first physical sexual
encounter proves to be both horrifying and enlightening. When Richard Dalloway suddenly
kisses her, she feels physically pained as well as mentally aware of a wholly new
sensation. Her first physical sexual experience reveals nothing to her about love, but
only teaches her about lust. She thought how, after this altogether new experience,
“life seemed to hold infinite possibilities she had never guessed at.”(p.67)
Although her second sexual experience reveals more to her about love, she still maintains
confusion in trying to understand sexuality. When Rachel sees Sarah Warrington and Arthur
Venning kissing, she is “agitated”(p.128) and begins to wonder more about the
sensation of love. As Woolf traces Rachel’s sexual maturation, she begins to
describe her in a more mentally alive and aware manner. In the beginning of the novel,
Woolf describes her as almost empty and unthinking. After these two sexual encounters,
Rachel’s “eyes were bright”(p.139) and she appears to be reflecting on
life around her. The development of Rachel’s mental sexuality intensifies with the
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