Walmart Spark Notes

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Retail Business, Jobs, Taxes and Prices in Taos
Support your friends and neighbors and local businesses.
Say NO to an SS Wal-Mart!
Since Wal-Mart came to Taos, the number of retail businesses decreased from 438 to 231.
In the last five years alone, retail jobs decreased from 3156 to 1500. (US census, pub 1/2003)

Those closed businesses and the lost jobs supported community members,
their children, their employees, and the stores in which they shopped.

More local businesses will close after a Wal-Mart superstore comes to town.
If businesses close at the same rate,
Taos will lose 47% of its current retail stores and 54.5% of its retail jobs in a few years.
What do we tell the families who have lost businesses or jobs that pay a living wage?
Will as many tourists visit when
we have fewer restaurants and shops because Taose�os can't afford to support them during the year?
Can local banks stay open with fewer local business and worker deposits and when Wal-Mart
deposits its money at night and withdraws it in the morning?

How long will Wal-Mart remain profitable and open when fewer people have money to spend?
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