War on sex and aids Essay

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War on sex and aids

According to a character in Joy Luck Club, with the removal of one's lips comes the eventual chilling of the
teeth. Through constantly declaring to her daughter this metaphorical aphorism, her astute daughter eventually
learned what she meant, which was one thing is always the cause of another. On that account, her incessant
mentioning of that awesome aphorism was after all not in vain, for she managed to pass through her daughter
such a cosmic actuality that is often overlooked by many people, although such actuality is indeed befitting
to every single occurrence in the world. It can be indeed applicable to the situation in which one
accidentally strikes a glass of water that, as a result of the incident, shatters on the floor,
or to the First World War, purposely speaking. Just like any other happening, World War I had its
effects¾its gravely dejecting effects. It not only butchered the international economy by triggering the
German Inflation and indirectly the Great Depression but also rendered the people vulnerable to the
false hopes that led to totalitarianism¾as evidenced through Lenin's and Stalin's leaderships and the
events surrounding the Russian Revolution¾and the artists to compositions whose salient purposes were
to repel or avoid the hostilities of the war.
While the First World War directly initiated the German Inflation through the Versailles Treaty, it
indirectly did so the Great Depression through the United States' revelry in isolationism. Via the
Versailles Treaty, the Allies required Germany to pay reparations for the total cost of the war.
To compensate for the stiff reparations they had to pay, Germany had no other choice but to do exactly
what they did, which was the deed of borrowing and printing more money. As a result, Germany's currency
gradually lost its value, rendering the Germans pathetic. And all of these happened because of the war
in which Germany ruthlessly executed its purpose to win. Germany caused the most destruction and was
therefore forced to gag on the indignity of taking absolute responsibility for the war, although the
truth was all of the countries involved in the war were altogether responsible for the said detrimental
war. In addition to the German Inflation, another unfortunate economical effect of the war was the Great
Depression, which was basically caused by the 1929 crash of the stock market in which millions of Americans
invested. As can be recalled, paranoid Americans turned down the League of Nations and turned instead to
isolationism. At first, the United States did not entirely withdraw from world affairs but did so as soon
as a total normalcy was corroborated. Consequently, the Americans, having nothing with which to bother
themselves but those that are entirely domestic, prospered and gained such an irrational confidence as
to invest their savings into the stock market, which crashed, unfortunately. And if an analytical scrutiny is
employed, it can be easily discovered that the root of this misfortune is isolationism, which was accordingly
caused by World War I. Therefore, it can be firmly declared that the First World War effectively wrecked the
International economy partly through the German Inflation and the Great Depression.
Since Russians became, accordingly to the war, impoverished and hopeless, they basically became
such gulls as to conform with and advocate Radical Revolutionary Vladimir Lenin and totalitarian ruler
Joseph Stalin. As the Russians were poor and agitated by the war, they willingly supported the dethronement
of the Provisional Government and the rise of Lenin, a leader whom they undoubtedly believed provided them
widespread hope at such a futureless time. Since they were all poor, they helpfully upheld Lenin's idea of
a classless society as if a spiteful shepherd was leading them to a lava pit, to "the end to the hopes of a more
peaceful world," and thus to totalitarianism. After all, they were all poor and knew that a classless society
best suited them at the time, which was why they found no dregs whatsoever in Lenin's unrealistic concepts,
and little did they know that Lenin was merely training them for the arrival of a much more severe ruler.
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