Wedges Gamble Essay

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Wedges Gamble

Book Report: Star Wars: X-Wing: Wedge’s Gamble
Author: Michael A. Stackpole


Lieutenant Corran Horn: The main character of the book. He’s an ex-security man (a
police force called CorSec) from the planet Corellia. Finally after going through the
galaxy under aliases he joins Rogue Squadron to fight the Empire. He fights for freedom,
but his main vendetta is more personal. He went into CorSec because his father did before
him. An Imperial Intelligence Officer was also stationed there that had authority over
that CorSec office. When he and his father were in a cantina in Corellia, his father was
shot and killed before his very eyes. Corran hunted the murderers down and apprehended
them. However the Imperial Intelligence Officer in charge, Kirtan Loor, freed them.
Since then Corran had no respect for the Empire. He is the best pilot in the squadron,
except for Wedge Antilles and Tycho Celchu. He proves to be resourceful and an excellent
fighter pilot. He’s got a resourceful R2 droid, nicknamed Whistler, too.

Commander Wedge Antilles: The leader of Rogue Squadron. He formed the squadron with Luke
Skywalker after the first Death Star was destroyed, since he and Luke were the only X-wing
pilots left after the battle. He proves to be a strong leader knowing how to treat his
squadron. Since Rogue Squadron is known to be a threat to the Empire so he has to train
his pilots to be the very best. He’s highly charismic. Sometimes has a rough time with a
few of his superiors. He is the best pilot in the squadron. He has survived countless
battles and entanglements with Imperial ships and fighters. He had to reform the squadron
because only 4 of the original pilots remained since Luke and Wedge formed the squadron.
Luke went to start reforming the Jedi. The other two went to go train other squadrons.
Wedge is now faced with the problem of liberating Coruscant. He forges a
commando-undercover type operation to infiltrate and liberate Coruscant.

Ysanne Isard, Director of Imperial Intelligence: She controls what’s left of the Empire.
Some Admirals proclaimed themselves warlords and took their local planets. Isard has all
the rest. She rests upon Coruscant, Imperial Center. A planet that is purely made up of
a city. Her nickname is Iceheart because one of her eyes is icy blue and the other is
molten red. She got her position as head of Intelligence by turning her own father in as
a rebel sympathizer. Rumor had that she was a mistress to Emperor Palpatine. She is
ruthless and unforgiving. She has a plan that will hopefully bring down Rogue Squadron
and the rest of the Rebel Alliance’s New Republic. Her plans now are to let the capital
of the Empire, Coruscant, fall to the New Republic. The catch is though she will unleash
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