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Welcome to the CeQuadrat PacketCD UDF Drive Letter Access Software!

PacketCD v. 3.00.185
(c) Copyright 1996-1999 CeQuadrat GmbH

This readme file contains the following information:

What is PacketCD ?
What is OSTA UDF ?
Supported Devices

What is PacketCD ?
PacketCD is the first software product realizing the
latest version of the OSTA UDF standard (1.50) for
file-systems on CD-Recordable media for Windows 9x.
This file-system was designed to be integrated seam-
lessly into the operating system of your computer.
After you have formatted an empty CD-R this disc
becomes available as a Windows 9x volume and can be
used almost like a harddisk or a floppy.
If you want to use the disc on another computer you
need to prepare the disc for use in normal CD-ROM drives.

What is OSTA UDF ?
OSTA UDF stands for Optical Storage Technology Association
Universal Disc Format. The OSTA is a group of hardware and
software vendors (including CeQuadrat) who have adopted
the ISO 13346 standard for DVD, CD-R and CD-RW applica-
tions. The current version of the OSTA UDF standard is
version 1.50 which is supported by this implementation of

After you have inserted the PacketCD floppy into your
floppy disk drive start 'Add/Remove Programs' from the
Control Panel. Press the 'Install' button and follow the
instructions on the screen.
After the system has rebooted you can use your CD Recorder
like any other drive in your system.
To remove PacketCD from your system select 'CeQuadrat
PacketCD' from the list of installed programs and click

Although PacketCD works with 'Auto Insert Notification'
switched off, you will get better usability if this option
is on.

Supported Devices
CeQuadrat wants to support as many CD-R devices as possible.
In the future we plan to support all devices which can
support the so called 'Incremental Packet Writing' mode.
If you encounter problems with a drive listed below please
make sure you are using the latest firmware available for
this drive as 'IPW' is a relatively new technology and only
the latest firmware guarantees success in using PacketCD
with your Recorder.

Device Version Status
Mitsumi CR2600 Ok
Mitsumi CR2801 Ok
Mitsumi CR4801 Ok
Mitsumi CR4802 Ok

Panasonic CW-7502 Ok
Panasonic CW-7582 Ok

Philips CDD2600 1.07 Ok
Philips CDD3610 Ok (RW)
Philips CDD3801 Ok (RW)

Plextor PX-R412 Ok
Plextor PX-R820 Ok
Plextor PX-W422 Ok (RW)

Ricoh 6200 Ok (RW)
Ricoh 7040 Ok (RW)

Sony 924 Ok
Sony 926 Ok
Sony 948 Ok

Sony 928 Ok
Sony CRX 1xx Ok (RW)

TEAC CD-R 55S 1.0G Ok

Yamaha CDR 400 Ok
Yamaha CDR 200 Ok
Yamaha CRW 4001 Ok (RW)
Yamaha CRW 426x Ok (RW)
Yamaha CRW 226x Ok (RW)
Yamaha CRW 2216 Ok (RW)
Yamaha CRW 4416 Ok (RW)

We have listed only the base devices, not OEM products.
If you are not sure wether your recorder is an OEM version
of the above mentioned please contact support.

It was not possible for us to check with all possible
configurations of Windows 95 systems. Therefore, if
you encounter problems with your PC that aroused after
PacketCD has been installed on you computer please try
to send us a detailed description of all hardware and
software installed on your system.
Especially system extensions like system monitors or
additional caches are potential candidates for problems.

Directly after a writing session the disc remains locked
for a few seconds (typically 15). After this time the
disc is 'clean' and can be removed from the drive either
by using 'eject' from the drives context menu or simply
by pressing the drive's eject button.

Support for PacketCD is available at the following


supportd@cequadrat.com for Europe
support@cequadrat.com for US/Canada, Far East


Welcome to the CeQuadrat PacketCD UDF Drive Letter Access Software!

PacketCD v. 3.00.185
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