Western europe in middle ages Essay

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western europe in middle ages

Saint Francis of Assisi (1182-1226) was born into a wealthy family at Assisi, Italy, the
son of a cloth merchant. Francis received little formal education and during his youth was
mostly preoccupied with having fun. As a young man, he was popular, charming, enjoyed
practical jokes and was usually the life of the party.

Because of his wealth, he generally picked up the tab and thus attracted a following of
fun loving, rowdy young men and promiscuous women.

When armed conflict broke out between the men of Assisi and a neighboring city in 1202,
Francis eagerly volunteered for the cavalry but wound up getting captured

after the first big battle and spent a year in captivity.
Francis returned to Assisi hailed as a hero, but unknown to his friends he had undergone a
transformation in his outlook during his captivity. Although he was once again the life of
the party, he was now questioning his reason for existence.

After much contemplation, including vivid dreams and mystic visions, he turned away from
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