What Is An American

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What is an American

Some say the stripes on the American flag stand for the 13 colonies and the stars stand for the 50 states of the union. However, the American flag also stands for much more. Freedom, civil rights, and equality are all represented by the American flag. So, what is an American? The usual response would be “a person who lives in America”. There is much more to living in this wonderful, majestic country than many people believe. This includes America’s vast history, American culture, and American lifestyle.
The actions of our forefathers made America what it is today. This is why the history of America is so important. Without them, America may not exist at all. It started on the early morning of November 9, 1620 when the Pilgrims arrived in Cape Cod. America was born when it was declared independent from Britain on July 4, 1776. Without the help of our forefathers, we wouldn’t have the rights and freedoms we enjoy each and every day. There is no way to fully show our appreciation for the soldiers and leaders who gave their lives so we could live this dream. However, the least we can do is to hang an American flag on the front porch or recite the pledge every day.
An American lives in a country with very diverse cultures and values. First, an American has many rights and freedoms. For example, we enjoy the freedom of speech, right to pray to any religion, and right to vote. These are the most important American traits for without them, we would be like any other country on earth. Second, we are a very diverse country. It is possible to take a walk and encounter people from all over. This lets citizens of America meet many

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