What Is Hell Like

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What Is Hell Like

From old age to younger ones everybody shivers at the name of hell . Hell , in todays world , is the place where we will have to go after performing a sin which technically everybody perform at some point of their life .

I was no exception . When all of sudden , midway between the exam , i realized that my examiner has caught me red-handed with the chits and from thereon i knew that next one year will be like a hell .

AT HOME : No TV , No Friends , No Party , No Play . Only Study .

AT SCHOOL : No New Class , No New Satchel , No New Books , No New Teachers . But the only thing which was new was the new question which haunted me for the next one year i.e. why the hell me ?

While my three other friends were also carrying the same chits , why the hell only i got caught ?

So for some Hell is the life after death but for me Hell is all those sufferings which one has to undergo in his life .

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